Malaysian TV streaming is now trending day by day in all categories like TV serials, Movies, and Malay dubbed movies. Nowadays search volume of this keyword on Google is trending upward side. As the update of October 2023, there are several best-streaming sites in Malaysia for watching TV shows, Movies, and other TV shows. Keep in mind that all sites change with time.

  • Netflix: Netflix offers a variety range of streaming services including Malaysia. It offers a broad range of Hollywood movies, US TV shows, Dramas, and other original content.
  • ViU: ViU offers Korean, Asian, and international content. It has a lot of variety in Malaysia.
  • Amazon Prime Video: this is another service that offers Malaysia and others a variety of movies, TV shows, and original TV shows programming.
  • iFlix: This is another popular video streaming provider company. iFlix is a Malaysia-based video streaming service that provides a wide selection of international and local content.
  • Disney+ Hotstar: Disney+ Hotstar is available in Malaysia, providing access to Disney, Marvel, and other content.
  • HBO Go: The Premium HBO Go allows subscribers to HBO’s content, including original series from Malaysia and other countries TV dramas, and movies.
  • Tonton: Tonton is another famous Malaysian streaming platform that offers a variety of local and valuable content, including dramas, shows, and more.
  • Mubi: Mubi is famous worldwide and this is a curated streaming service specializing in classic, independent, and other international cinema.
  • Astro Go: the most famous channel Astro is a popular TV provider in Malaysia country, and they have a variety of online streaming services, dramas, and TV shows called Astro Go. It also provides the service of on-demand content.


Content related to Malaysia Streaming has changed with time and the abovementioned sites are also changed. Some of these sites are blocked in the countries.

The above-discussed sites are highly premium and paid for by the visitor. with the need and for entertainment purposes we offer free streaming of TV dramas, movies, and telefilms of Malaysia country with the channel name Kepala Bergetar.

Kepala Bergetar – Astro Go Tonton ViU Myflm4u Malay Drama Tv3

The channel offers Malaysian Dramas Dan Television in Malay Astro Gempak Live Download. Malay Telefilem Dfm2u Full Episod layanon9 Free Download.

Astro Go & Drama Sangat

As we discussed Astro Go and Drama Sangat are the biggest platforms for the Malay drama industry. This is the biggest streaming platform offered by Astro satellite TV provider in Malaysia country. Astro Ria and TV3 are the biggest channels of the Astro Go group and produced Mega Drama.  Astro Go offers a variety of services for visitor who likes movies, and dramas and get their subscribers UpToDate with his Android application that is with the name of Astro.

This service offers Live TV channels, on-demand video content, and Multi-Device access and this is the main app where the Kepala Drama, Movies, and Telefilem are updated first.